We energize air

– Utilizing water and gravity

Using water and gravity, we create the world’s most efficient process for compressing air. Our unique technology reduces the energy consumption, cost, and environmental footprint of producing compressed air. We help the industry to become more sustainable and we enable society to run solely on renewable energy.

Energizing the Future with a Game-Changing Innovation Resolving Two Global Energy Challenges

Compressed air is one of the most important areas for industrial energy efficiency. Large-scale energy storage is one of the most crucial challenges of our time. Enairon has a solution for both.

Industrial Air Compressors

Compressed Air Energy Storage

The Story Behind Enairon

In 2013, the inventor Daniel Ehrnberg had an idea of a technical solution that could make a significant impact on today’s energy use and consumption.

Back then, he was working with floating wind power and kept thinking of ways of storing the excess energy that it generates. One way is to use it to compress air and then store it in balloons in the ocean.

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