The world’s most
efficient compressor

Helping industries reduce energy consumption and cost in producing compressed air by 25-50%. Enairon Fluid Compressor – MVSD400-7 utilizes water and gravity for exceptional energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The patented technology results in minimized heat generation, achieves high efficiency, and offers cost savings. Enairon aims to revolutionize industrial compressed air production for a more sustainable future.

What we do

The essence of energy conservation lies in minimizing heat generation. We have mastered the laws of physics to keep the energy losses to a minimum when compressing air by utilizing the characteristics of water instead of metal.

By using water as pistons, our compressor can operate at very low speeds or even come to a complete stop while maintaining air pressure without any leakage. This is possible due to the complete isolation of the air by water, ensuring a reliable seal.

The water also serves as a cooling element throughout the entire compression process. Our goal is to achieve an isothermal process, where there is no increase in temperature. While achieving absolute isothermality, or simply put 100% efficiency, is practically impossible, our technology enables us to come remarkably close.

This differs to conventional technologies where the increase in temperature is very high. Waste heat is the primary reason why a modern oil free screw compressor has the modest efficiency of approximately 50%. The energy efficiency of air compressors is further diminished by an average annual decrease of about 2% due to the substantial wear and tear caused by the warm, fast-moving metal components.

Heat recovery technologies are often being pursued to counteract the substantial efficiency losses resulting from heat loss in air compressors. The heated cooling water or air can be utilised in several application areas, such as heating of buildings or hot tap water. It is worth noting that modern heat pumps require less than five times the power input to generate the equivalent heat output as an air compressor.


Exceptionally high energy efficiency, which is sustained by minimal wear.


Less energy consumption ranging from 25-50% depending on the condition of the comparing compressor.


Oil free. We do not use any oil at all. No oil filer necessary.

– CO2

Reduced environmental impact due to lower CO2 emissions.

Our method is cool

The key to saving energy is to avoid creating heat. We have mastered the laws of physics for compressed air and found a way to make water do the job instead of metal – saving you energy and environment costs.

2% loss

The degradation caused by high wear in traditional compressors leads to higher costs.
On average, there is a 2% decline in efficiency, although reports indicate that even higher efficiency losses are common. The efficiency of an Enairon compressor and a typical oil-free screw compressors over a 20-year period, incorporating a renovation at year 8 and reinvestment at year 16.

”Our mission is to develop the most efficient air compressor with the vision to halve the world’s energy consumption in producing compressed air”.

Demonstrated functionality & performance

Key features and performance comparison of Enairon Fluid Compressor – MVSD400-7 and a traditional modern oil free screw compressor.

Enairon Fluid Compressor – MVSD400-7

+ Exceptional energy efficiency >75%

+ Consumes 37% less energy (ranging from 25-50%)

+ Unlimited flexibility and loading range (variable power input vs air output)

+ Long lifetime

+ Low maintenance

+ Consumes less cooling water

+ Clean, 100.0% & oil free air

+ Silent

– Requires more space

Screw compressor

– Low efficiency 52-42% (high energy consumption and energy waste)

– Consumes 58% more energy (ranging from 33-100%)

– Limited flexibility and loading range

– Limited lifetime due to wear and tear (renovation rec. after 8 years)

– Requires high degree of maintenance

– Consumes more cooling water

– Not 100.0% oil free

– High noise level

+ Compact dimensions

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