About Enairon

– How it all started

In 2013, the inventor Daniel Ehrnberg had an idea of a technical solution that could make a significant impact on today’s energy use and consumption. Back then, he was working with floating wind power and kept thinking of ways of storing the excess energy that it generates. One way is to use it to compress air and then store it in balloons in the ocean. Problem? There is currently no energy efficient technology for compressing air to a sufficient degree.

That was the spark to what has now become Enairon- a company that consists of visionary people with the common goal to change the world for the better. Since 2017 we are working every day for a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly future- by developing and implementing
the world’s most efficient air compressor.


The world is facing major challenges in preventing climate change. Transitioning from fossil fuels as the dominant energy source to more sustainable energy sources present both technological and economic challenges that requires collective action. While there is not a universal remedy for all the challenges our world confronts, we can make a positive impact on the larger picture by progressively improving each individual component.

Compressed air is globally recognized as a critical area requiring immediate enhancements in energy efficiency. Despite the process of producing compressed air is inherently energy-inefficient, its versatility and indispensable nature make it challenging to replace. Consequently, compressed air finds widespread utilization across various industries and sectors.

To understand the impact of compressed air on global industrial energy usage, it is noteworthy that approximately 10% of the world’s total industrial energy consumption can be attributed to the production of compressed air.

On a European level, 80 TWh of electricity is annually used in industries to compress air, a quantity that matches the energy consumption of 22 million European households. Moreover, this translates to an annual emission of 23 million tons of CO2 into the European atmosphere, equivalent to the emissions produced by 19 million cars.

Enairon’s vision no. 1 is to cut these numbers by half.

Whereas our technology can immediately improve the energy efficiency of industrial compressed air production, our solution also enables large-scale energy storage.

Enairon’s vision no. 2 is to enable large scale energy storages so that our society can run solely on renewable energy.


10% of the world’s industrial energy consumption is accounted to the production of compressed air.

80 TWh

80 TWh of electricity is annually used in European industries to compress air- equivalent to the energy consumption of 22 million European households.

23M CO2

23 million ton CO2 is annually emitted to the European atmosphere to produce 80 TWh – equivalent to 19 million cars.

Enairon Gravity
Compressor 400 MVSD-7

Enairon’s compressor is a new type of compressor, a Gravity Compressor. It is different and stands out from all existing solutions and uses water to compress the air.

The people behind Enairon

The people of Enairon are united by a shared passion for innovation and the drive to create a better future. Each of our team members, mentors and investors brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, fostering a vibrant and collaborative environment. In our pursuit of making the world more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable, we embrace a mindset of possibility and unconventional approaches. Our goal is to inspire others to think outside the box and dream big too.

We cannot do this alone, changing the world requires a collective effort where we depend on individuals who believes in us and our solution. Our job is to encourage people in embracing new ideas and opportunities despite uncertainty or fear of failure. This means that a large portion of our daily work is to make industries, investors, and other contributors to recognize their individual contribution and take action.

”The journey began with a vision to store vast quantities of renewable energy, which led to the creation of the world’s most efficient air compressor. However, it was during the development process, we gained insights into the substantial environmental implications associated to the production of compressed air, an area where we could make a meaningful impact in aiding industries to enhance their practices.”
– Daniel Ehrnberg, inventor and physicist

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