The World’s most efficient
long duration energy storage

Helping societies utilize renewable energy sources on a large scale and over long time. Enairon Compressed Air Energy Storage is centered around Enairon’s patented fluid machine, which serves both as an air compressor and an air motor, compressing and expanding air with remarkable efficiency and minimal wear. Converting renewable energy to compressed air, and back again.

Creating a future solely powered by renewable energy

The energy landscape is undergoing a transformative shift from predictable power generation sources like nuclear and coal to weather-dependent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. While the increased share of renewables is beneficial, it also introduces instability to the power grid due to significant variations in electricity production compared to societal and industrial consumption. This instability leads to volatile electricity prices and power generation. Additionally, transmission constraints on the grid can limit industrial operations in certain geographic areas. The projected increase in energy consumption worldwide further exacerbates this instability. To restore stability in electricity production, solutions are needed that can cost-effectively store large amounts of energy over extended periods.

What we do

The essence of energy conservation lies in minimizing heat generation. We have mastered the laws of physics to keep the energy losses to a minimum when compressing and expanding air by utilizing the characteristics of water instead of metal.

Enairon Compressed Air Energy Storage achieves the highest round-trip-efficiency out of all existing energy storage technologies. The extraordinary efficiency, in combination with the simplicity of the system, enables Enairon to reduce the cost per kWh to an affordable level. Thereby making it feasible for humanity to use renewable energy all day, every day of the year.

Electrical energy, primarily surplus electricity from renewable sources, is converted into compressed air, which is stored in reservoirs until needed. Reversibly, the compressed air powers the air motor generating electricity when the energy demand arises. In this way, we can balance out variations in renewable electricity production against society’s and industry’s electricity consumption, and we create conditions for phasing out the use of fossil fuels.

Our method is cool

The key to saving energy is to avoid creating heat. We have mastered the laws of physics for compressed air and found a way to make water do the job instead of metal – saving you energy and environment costs.

”Our mission is to develop the most efficient large scale energy storage, with the vision to
Enable the world to rely solely on renewable energy.”

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